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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-05-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Those watching winter wheat development express cautious optimism.  Snow has been tough for humans, animals and machinery – but it’s put a blanket over fields that may make a positive difference for this year’s wheat crop.  In many places it hasn’t been a thick blanket but, hopefully, thick enough to do some good at insulating against record low temperatures.  Even though daily temperatures show some signs of increasing we’ll be staying below our seasonal average low 40s next week in Michigan.  That’s not all bad.  If we can get a slower spring transition – melt a little today and a little more tomorrow…and not have any major new snow dumps – we’ll be less prone to extreme flooding.  While the forecast holds promise on that front for next week we need to remember this is early March - a month that historically sees moisture measurements start to bump up after the driest month of the year the month before.  Obviously – a lot can go wrong over the coming weeks in terms of flooding risk and winter kill.  In the meantime, we’ll hang on to good news about winter wheat and hope frigid temps have put a big dent in invasive pest populations in exposed areas.  It’s only fair something good comes of this.

Rick Shields