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Ag. Weather Outlook 3-04-2014

by Tim Abramowski

If you remember what was going on in your world October 23, 2013 you’ve either got an amazing memory or not a lot going on since upon which to focus.  According to those who measure snowfall accumulation at Western Michigan University – October 23rd was the first time this season any snow accumulated.  Only a tenth of an inch of it that day was followed by a half inch the next… then a trace on the 25th.  That was about all, save for a few light dustings over the next month until the snow machine really began cranking up in early December.  Remember back to childhood when spotting the first flakes of snow in the air was something you greeted with thoughts of snow days ahead, snowman building, sledding and the like?  It’s not likely many folks in the eastern two-thirds of the country will look at those early ‘first flakes’ with such innocent optimism next fall or winter.  It’ll probably be a couple of years before many can stifle a bit of dread and issue a dire ‘here we go again’ outlook regarding what’s ahead before spring comes.  I’ll leave it for avian expert Roger Taylor to do the translating but I’d hazard an uneducated guess the aggravated chirping of early returning snowbirds this year might mean something like…’I told George we needed to stay in Biloxi a few more weeks!’

Rick Shields