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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-26-2014

by Tim Abramowski

My friend Kurt Boney from Sioux Falls, South Dakota mentioned to me how great things looked the other day as he headed south from Omaha en route to Kansas City.  “We ran out of snow and saw dirt again!”  That’s what this winter is doing to almost all of us.  Just to see – not a lush green landscape – but ground…even if it has a smattering of discarded paper shake cups and cigarette butts would be at least a change from what we’ve seen for months.  A mid-February check indicated 88-percent of the Great Lakes were iced over.  The wintertime norm based on measurements made since 1973 is 50-percent.  While that’s not helping to moderate frigid air’s impact on the leeward side of the lake – ice cover could be helping to diminish evaporation and that could lead to higher lake levels.  That’s good news for shipping, for community water supplies and, I guess, for anyone who wants to pretend they’re ‘king of the world’ on the stem of the SS Badger next summer.  Though not delivering a lot of accumulation – snow squalls keep moving off the lake and at times look like they’re about to bury us.  They won’t…but at this point not many care about an inch here, an inch there.  I agree with Kurt.  It’s almost March. Planting time’s not that far away.  Ah – just to run out of snow and see dirt again…

Rick Shields