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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-24-2014

by Tim Abramowski

I shared the word about a research effort showing the potential for a big die off in brown marmorated stink bugs due to bitter winter conditions.  Extension Small Fruit Educator Mark Longstroth says he’s got higher hopes for the ability of this season’s way below normal temperatures to wipe out pests overwintering as larvae on trees where they’re more exposed.  Some daily records may be broken before the week is over.  Look for a few late-season zero-degree readings or colder Tuesday night through the rest of the week.  Longstroth says even these anticipated cold temperatures pale in comparison to the minus teens recorded early last month.  They’ve caused a fair amount of damage in grapes, blueberries and peaches.  He says it appears we now have about a half crop of peaches while blueberries weren’t as badly impacted as earlier feared.  According to Longstroth to do significant further damage the thermometer would have to fall below minus ten.  Mercifully – that’s not expected this week.

Rick Shields