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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-19-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Ninety-six point one inches or eight feet…that’s where the season’s snowfall tally stands at this point as measured at Western Michigan University.  I agree with that sign recently posted by a church in Ford County, Illinois asking ‘would whoever’s praying for snow please stop!’  Michigan State’s weather station situated on Oxley Farms near Lawton has recorded sub-zero readings twelve times since the first of the year.  And that site like several others in the area broke the freezing mark for the first time since January 20th around one Tuesday afternoon.  It’s not just the amount of snow-it’s the persistence of it.  Grand Rapids has never experienced a 20-inch or greater snow depth for more than nine days in a row.  As of now it’s two weeks and counting with that much or more on the ground.  Over in Hoosierland – Indianapolis is having its snowiest winter ever with 50-inches recorded.  Enjoy these couple of days break from winter’s depths because it’ll be short-lived.  We’re due to have colder than normal readings this weekend and next week plus scattered lake-effect snow showers.

Rick Shields