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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-18-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Newsman John McNeill stays up literally all night working his magic in the newsroom while I lounge around in bed until 1 AM.  After a vehicle dig out, a hot cup of joe and a short commute to work I sometimes find myself looking over his shoulder first thing to see what happened overnight.  Today I figured the lead story would involve weather.  I was right.  Like John, I find by this time in winter it’s hard to say much more about it than already has been said.  We’ve heard the holiday ‘long line at the airport story’….the ‘bad news for drivers-snow’s arrived and 94 is slick story’…the ‘expert says there’s more to come’ story…the ‘pile ups everywhere – slow down’ story…of course the ‘seasonal affective disorder’ story with yet another expert telling us why we’re so sad this winter.  But today John’s weather story’s lead sentence caught my eye.  “Will we be exchanging the North Pole for Noah’s Ark later this week?”  Even though that’s a question it kind of explains what’s ahead in a day or so.  Personally, despite this winter, I’ll keep the North Pole.  You can only go south from there toward warmer climes.  And besides, Noah’s Ark, loaded with a menagerie including goats, tigers and I guess for some reason - a couple of ferrets, is rumored to have crashed into a mountain in the Middle East.

Rick Shields