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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-17-2014

by Tim Abramowski

In four weeks and a few days it will be spring.  That’s the astronomical reckoning of the season’s change as we arrive at the time of equal day-equal night called appropriately enough…the equinox. If you subscribe to the meteorological definition of winter the season is over a week from this coming Friday – the last day of February.  That one sounds better since it’s closer.  Only trouble is - it’s a declaration a lot like, say, a declaration of a war on drugs.  We see how that one played out.  Be confident winter will wrap up but not because we said so… or when we said so for that matter.  And we won’t necessarily know exactly when it happens.  It defies anything as man-made as a ribbon cutting or an official pronouncement.  It comes by fits and starts. The autumn changeover to winter can happen the same slow way.  But just as common is a sudden arrival of polar air and bands of snow.  Spring teases.  You not only don’t know when it’s here…when you’re pretty sure it is - it has morphed into summer.  That’s guaranteed to bring the next requisite question – ‘what ever happened to spring?’  For sure, we’ll have no question whatsoever about the season that came before.

Rick Shields