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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-13-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Something made me record images of snow piles Wednesday.  After dealing with them for weeks the thought of their demise next week must have triggered the ‘I gotta’ get a picture of this’ response.  You’d think by this time in the season snow would be best forgotten unless of course if you run a winter sports facility.  I’m not to the point yet of wanting to print the scenes of a half-buried bird feeder and the site of someone’s long-entombed assortment of cigarette butts by the driveway.  Like a lot of images in the camera…they wait.  Perhaps they wait for 90-degree summer days.  Or perhaps they wait until someone someday going through my earthly belongings flips through the camera’s SD card and exclaims, ‘who’d want to deal with that all winter?’  Guess the answer is ‘me.’  Despite a wintertime curve now and then west Michigan remains a pretty good place to be.  And it gets better next week as warm air finally returns moving us into the 40s by midweek after a chance for a rain/snow mix in the transition Monday.  We all love the thought of the exit of arctic air.  But I bet I won’t waste a shot on a pile of melting snow or newly-exposed cigarette butts.

Rick Shields