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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-10-2014

by Tim Abramowski

Though there’s nobody around to remember having experienced it – 1899 was one for the weather books in Michigan and elsewhere.  Especially this day – February 10th when the mercury fell to minus 21 in Grand Rapids then later topped out at minus 6.  Next day it was more of the same with the thermometer recording minus 21.  There must have been human suffering associated with that late 19th century arctic outbreak that we in the 21st century can’t comprehend.  February 10, 1899 saw the push of cold air head all the way to the spine of the Appalachians as readings there bottomed out at minus 29 for a state all time record.  Two days later snow fell in Ft. Myers and Tampa with blizzard conditions north of the bay area due to ocean-effect snow.  The port of New Orleans was iced over by the 13th with ice floes from the Mississippi reported flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.  Even Cuba wasn’t spared winter’s wrath that year with growers reporting frost damage to crops.  Talk about February arctic weather outbreaks – this, definitely, was one for the books.

Rick Shields