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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-05-2014

by Tim Abramowski

We’ve all heard the phrase – ‘winter came early that year.’  That works for this one.  Another phrase that comes to mind is – ‘it never lets up.’  You’ve probably got a few choice phrases of your own applicable to getting around in the ice and deep snow of recent months.  The saying ‘if you don’t like the weather – just wait’ doesn’t work…not this year.  It didn’t this morning.  It won’t work tomorrow or the day after.  And the weekend forecast is hinting at more snow and more cold into next week.  Meanwhile – our air temperature keeps running about even to just slightly behind northern Alaska.  Were James Michener still with us composing an epic novel somehow related to current North American weather patterns he might employ the same technique used in Centennial.  He could have an Alaskan dinosaur – who really did live on the north slope 80 million years ago –dimly contemplate while stumbling around in the dark and cold – ‘if you don’t like the weather – just wait.’  But then, dinosaurs couldn’t contemplate.  And for us who can - it’s still a heavy lift to imagine the change to a springtime world.

Rick Shields