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Ag. Weather Outlook 2-04-2014

by Tim Abramowski

There’s something about seeing a roof stacked two or three feet deep in snow that makes my back ache.  These days you see it everywhere along with eaves sagging under the weight of ice when the Sun peeks out making columns of partial roof-melt expand as readings climb briefly to near 30.  Things don’t improve in the short term as another winter system heads out of Oklahoma bound for the Ohio valley and then on to the east coast.  While we won’t get the worst of this system accumulation-wise we will get some snow.  It could be a couple of inches tonight and Wednesday – further south, a bit more.  And – as is usually the case in such storms – the aftermath includes a shot of frigid air plus a couple of days of lake effect.  Wonder if winter 2014 will end with a glorious burst of sunshine highlighting dogs chasing

Frisbees in a greening meadow …or will it end with a creaking of timbers in the ceiling and a slow dripping of snowmelt down my back?

Rick Shields