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Ag. Weather Outlook 1-28-14

by Tim Abramowski

Weather Outlook 1-28

A normal day – even a normal day of January weather – sounds pretty good after what we’ve been through this month.  So how much below the norm is today’s zero to five above? --About 30-degrees in our part of the world.  So, how about Barrow, Alaska up on the soon-to-be-ice-free Arctic Sea?  Early today the 2 above zero there was ten degrees warmer than here and the Barrow afternoon high will equal what Kalamazoo and many towns around can expect – five to ten above.  Barrow’s normal range is minus-8 to minus-20 – so for them, it’s a pretty warm day all of which doesn’t necessarily prove anything about the big global weather picture.  It’s just two kind of interesting slices of the puzzle that is our atmosphere.  If Nanuk can shed one layer of seal fur today under the dark skies of the far north - we’ll continue to shiver despite however many layers of apparel we wear.  We’ll continue to shiver for the next week while readings slowly rebound toward the upper twenties.  Our normal high of around 30 seems as far off as spring.  Someone can tell Phil to stay put in his burrow – we don’t need a forecaster to tell us how far off.  It’s about as far off as Barrow in January.