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Ag Weather Outlook 1-24-2014

by Tim Abramowski

it gets bad – then it gets worse – clipper after clipper keeps the lake effect snow machine going full tilt as polar air slides down the center of the continent.  Long, cold winters may lead to seasonal affective disorder – SAD for short.  According to the University of Michigan’s health service - symptoms of SAD include depression, lack of energy and increased sleeping and eating.  In more isolated areas in the North it can be especially troublesome.  As Stuart Ullman reminded Jack Torrance during The Shining’s interview time in the Overlook Hotel – ‘the police thought it’s what the old timers used to call cabin fever.’  …well, hopefully, not THAT troublesome.  Seasonal affective disorder can also result from shorter hours of daylight.  Things for these folks are improving as we gain, on average, two to three minutes of sunlight each day from now to the start of summer.  But U of M adds some people have a bad reaction to too much sun or too much hot weather.  Guess you can’t please ‘em all.  What’s likely to be unpleasant for everyone is that string of days next week with subzero air temps and scary wind chills.  As I think about how to handle this situation – the Jack Torrance character in my mind keeps telling me, “you’ve had your whole  life to think things over. What good’s a few more minutes going to do you now.”

-Rick Shields