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Ag News Podcast for 3/26/2014

by Tim Abramowski

Birds vocalize – though we like to call it ‘sing’- to attract a mate or to mark out their dominance over a territory.  That’s what bird expert Roger Taylor tells me.  There was a cardinal early this morning at the pinnacle of a tree outside the radio station producing a racket I could never call singing.  He was by any measure sounding like an angry bird.  And with readings around 10 above – who could blame him?  Early morning temperatures will probably please him more in the days ahead as they move into the 20s and then 30s by the end of the weekend.  While the cardinal watches for a mate or an intruder in his territory, farmers are watching rivers and streams and also the slowly diminishing snowpack.  A slow melt is about the best news growers could hope for in order to avoid flooding.  While many in low spots may be crossing fingers and saying ‘slow as you go.’  Many others may – like the angry bird in the tree in the parking lot – be thinking ‘bring on the next season.’

Rick Shields