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UAW Still Doesn't Understand Why It Lost the VW Vote

by Jerry Bader

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, the UAW is asking the National Labor Relations Board  to investigate the Union's failed attempt to organize at a Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant. Their arguments that the comments of Corker and others tainted the vote is laughable. Management in Tennessee was actually in favor of the UAW and as such they had the run of the plant in advance of the vote whereas the opposition did not.

The UAW's problem is workers didn't buy the argument that the union was willing to work within the confines of German style "work councils," a collaborative effort between union and management to make the company more successful. Workers at the plant saw through that charade and believed the UAW would establish the same adversarial relationship with VW that it had with every other automaker where it was able to organize.

It's no secret the NLRB is basically a pro-union operation these days. But even at that, one hopes this ridiculous challenge wouldn't get very far.