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Nice try Steve

by Jerry Bader

Steven Colbert is in full pucker/panic mode over the reaction to a tweet from his show's Twitter feed which is clearly racist toward Asians. This is a classic example of "ironic humor" by liberals. We're supposed to understand that Colbert isn't racist and that he's using irony to show how racist Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is by not changing the team's name.

He's a lib, get it? He doesn't mean it right? Here's where that defense goes astray for Colbert. Apparently the Colbert show Twitter feed is the property of Comedy central and Colbert himself has nothing to do with it. So, Colbert tweeted from his personal feed that he too was outraged by the racist tweet. Just one little problem. The tweet was obviously inspired by a bit he did on the show that goes much further than the tweet:

As lame as the "ironic humor" defense is in any of these liberal racism cases, Colbert destroys it here completely by joining critics of the tweet after he did much worse on the air. Actually, I get the point of the humor; he's trying to show how indefensible Snyder's position is with the absurd. But now that he's called the humor racist, that defense is gone. And really? He didn't know this video would contradcit his tweet????