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Namath: "Human Body Just Not Designed to Play Footall"

by Jerry Bader

Broadway Joe says he's had "brain-related issues from playing football. And on the face of it, he's right; the human body isn't designed to play football; that's what makes the game so remarkable to watch. Men who can throw a ball 50-60 yards downfield and hit a receiver right in the hands is an amazing feat to which we've become accustomed. So are fantastic catches we now rip receivers for not making. Most importantly, administering and absorbing blows equivalent to a slow speed auto crash is what humans were not designed to do.

But the argument for me is whether players were deceived as to the dangers of playing football. I think those dangers are pretty obvious. And as this piece points out, 85% of NFL players said they would choose to play in the Super Bowl if they had a concussion. Doesn't that belie the whole point of the lawsuit?