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Fascinating Prediction From a Listener

by Jerry Bader

I have been arguing for weeks that the only viable option for Republicans is to allow Obamacare to take effect and let it collapse. This would be painful for America, to say the least. But as Daniel Henninger argued in today's Wall Street Journal, killing the law doesn't kill the idea. Ultimately liberals will continue to push for it. Henninger (and I) argue that allowing it to happen, as damaging as it will be, will cure America of entitlement programs forever. This prompted a listener to email today with a very interesting prediction:

I’m going to say I was firmly on the defund bandwagon but I’m starting to drift over to Henninger’s and your point of view.   However, I’d like to make a prediction that Obamacare will not go into effect on 10/1.  I believe Obama will make an executive order to show that publicly, yes, he’s willing to actually work with Republicans and delay the individual mandate until1/1/15.  However, the only true reason is he knows Obamacare is such a train wreck that he’s going to eliminate the one position Republicans can run on to maintain the House and possibly win the Senate.  Obama wins on both fronts.  The media fawns even more over how great our dear leader is and Republicans have lose their main issue to run on. 

I don't know if this is going to happen, but it's a heckuva prediction. We'll see.