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And He Actually is a Rocket Scientist

by Jerry Bader

Well, I think his role at NASA requires him to be a rocket scientist. So now freedom from man-caused climate change is a constitutional right. A lawsuit to court order the mitigation of a phenomenon that stopped on its own 15 years ago! Do they not know we know that there has not been global warming in 15 years?

As this reality has made more people skeptical, the claims from the likes of Hansen have  become more desperate. Here's there problem; the scary predictions of last century have not come to pass. But never mind that. We live in a "short attention span theater" type world. You can go ahead and issue more scary predictions. Except that isn't working. More and more people are realizing they've been had.

I give Hansen an "A" for chutzpah. He's sticking to the original script and not even trying to invoke the phony "pause" in global warming.