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Base Jumping? Weak. Base Jumping off Mt. Everest...EXTREME.

by Justin


48-year-old Russian Valery Rozov wasn't satisfied with your regular, run-of-the-mill death-defying feats of idiocy.  ANYONE can fall off a cliff and let gravity do the work.  But how many could say they had jumped off the world's tallest mountain?  Well, just one- him.  

Rozov, four sherpas, photographers and a camera crew, spent nearly three weeks in the Himalayas before the jump. It took Rozov four days to climb from base camp to the jumping location, which was at an altitude of 23,690 feet.

He's humming along at roughly 125mph along the north face before landing safely on the Rongbuk glacier.  You sir, have a big, big set of...cameras.