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Shot in the Chest

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri, I was standing in our kitchen (I am a wheelchair). I heard a knock on the door. I could see a man was standing there. There was something I did not like about him but for some reason I opened the door and he shot me in the chest. I was thrown across the room and I started disappearing. I saw another figure in a cloak who had a gentle feel about him and had come to collect me. Then I woke up. - Saxon 62, Devon, UK

Lauri: You found yourself standing in your dream because you must have recently decided to “take a stand” about something. Is there anything you have decided to put your foot down and once and for all about? This may be where the getting shot comes in. Is there something you’ve decided to give your best shot? It is also significant that you got shot in the chest. The chest is where the heart is, where we hold our emotions. Is this decision based on your emotions? The fact that you are disappearing tells us that some part of you, perhaps some behavior or mindset is diminishing. The cloaked figure represents the mystery of this change that is happening within you… but tis a good change my dear, so embrace it!

Saxon replies: You are spot on when you talk about some part of me beginning to diminish. I have been seriously concentrating on improving my health lately. For the last 21 years I have been slowly putting on weight as this has been the cause of being in a wheelchair. Thank you so much for the extra thoughts on my dream, it sounds fantastic I am really going to keep looking at this it is really inspirational.

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