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Shattered Wine Glass

by Lauri Loewenberg

"Dreams are the eyes of our mind." - Genevieve Bouris

Dear Lauri,

I had a dream that I was in the shower and a nearby wine glass shattered and impaled my pregnant belly only they were huge shards and everyone ignored my pleas to go to the hospital. I am not pregnant in waking life. - Candy 32

Lauri: What negativity, frustration or bad situation are you trying to cleanse yourself of? The shattered glass may be connected to shattered hopes, or something in your life that fell apart and is now endangering something else that is in the works, something else that is growing and developing, symbolized by the pregnancy. The fact that no one would help you means that you are in a situation where you could use help, either in the form of a helping hand, advice or a shoulder to cry on. It may also mean that you arent speaking up about the fact that you need help. I think your dream is letting you know that its important that you are heard before things get worse.

Candy replies: I'm actively trying to not let my trust issues from a past unhealthy and abusive relationship affect my new happy one. But also the new boyfriend is in the process of a somewhat hostile divorce so I feel like both aspects would be the negative affecting the new. The lack of help from others might just be lack of empathy or some of my exhaustion from trying to keep the peace. Thank you!

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