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Giraffe with Antlers

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I was at a house by a lake that I have never visited before and outside the was a giraffe with antlers stuck between the trees. Behind the house there was a party going on and they were discussing adding on to the deck. When I got back there everyone was gone.   – Monique 53, Kendallville, IN

Lauri: The lake house is a place you've never been in the dream because you must be in a place in your life you have never been. The talk of adding on to the deck is most likely your inner dialogue over adding something new to your own life. In order to do so, have you recently taken a risk and “stuck your neck out?” Like the giraffe, in what way are you now stuck? Is there a situation that is no longer moving forward? The antlers are interesting. Typically they would represent someone that is hard headed. Are you that way? Or is someone around you? The party is behind you because there must be something you were once excited about but since there is no longer progress, it is now in your past.  At the end of your dream you discover that everyone is gone. This may be the message: Time to focus on you.

Monique Replies: After being with my late husband for over 25 years I started dating again. Online dating was never anything I thought I would try and it has gone horribly wrong twice now. The last 2 guys I dated are very hard-headed in my opinion. I am taking a break from dating to try to figure out what I really want in life right now.  This all makes sense now.

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