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2014 Sports Predictions

by Michael Louden

A new year has come upon us and that means another full year of sports is in front of us.  I am going to predict what I believe may happen this year in the world of sports and some of these may be bold predictions.  

Baseball:  I thought last year was going to be the year the Detroit Tigers would win the World Series, but the Boston Red Sox rallied around the city of Boston after the Boston Marathon bombings.  I believe though 2014 is the year the Tigers win the World Series.  They still have a strong pitching rotation even with trading away Doug Fister.  They have added some speed with Ian Kinsler and Miguel Cabrera will move back to first base.  All of their needs have been filled as well as they got a closer in Joe Nathan.  I believe the Tigers will top Dodgers in the World Series.

Basketball:  I believe this is once again the year of the Miami Heat.  They have dominated their Western Conference opponents so far which doesn't bode well for a team they may face in the finals.  The Heat's biggest test will be in the Eastern Conference finals vs the Indiana Pacers.  Then they will take down the Oklahoma City Thunder in six games in the Finals.

Hockey:  So far the Western Conference has dominated the league and I believe the winner will come out of that side of the league.  Unfortunately it won't be the Detroit Red Wings making it to the finals.  I see the Stanley Cup finals match-up being the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the St. Louis Blues where the Blues will win in seven games.

Football:  This is looking toward the 2014 NFL season, not the playoffs that are about to start.  I believe teams like the Detroit Lions are going to be a surprise.  They are going to hire a good coach who will come in and the teach the game to the players and lay down some discipline.  I don't see them winning the division, but getting in as a wild card and winning one game in the playoffs.  I see the Super Bowl match-up as the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Denver Broncos.

College Basketball:  So far the college basketball season has been interesting and with conference play just beginning we are now going to separate the contenders from the pretenders.  I believe the Big Ten conference is the strongest in college basketball and will produce two teams in the Final Four, Michigan State and Wisconsin.  The other two teams to make it will be Syracuse and Wichita State.  I believe Michigan State will raise a banner by beating Syracuse in the finals.

College Football:  This is the year of the first college football playoff and a lot of experts think their is not going to be controversy.  However their will be because we will end up talking about which teams got left out of the playoff that should have made it.  So I will try to predict who will make the four team playoff.  Alabama will be in along with, Florida State, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma.  The winner will be Alabama.  Going in state I believe the Michigan Wolverines will have a bounce back year and go 10-2 and Brady Hoke will be able to keep his job.  

Golf:  This year Tiger Woods will win a major and I am going to say it will be the Masters.  Phil Mickelson will also win a major and it will be the elusive U.S. Open at Pinehurst #2.  I believe the spirit of Payne Stewart will help him out and Mickelson will be able to complete the career Grand Slam.