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Happy Birthday, Tonya

by Nick Vitrano

I often speak of the things that I cannot believe have happened in my lifetime.  The Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident is one of those things.  As we prep for the latest installment of the Winter Olympics, we “celebrate” the 20 year anniversary of the aforementioned.

The situation resulted in a cult-like fascination with Harding, greater even than Kerrigan (who actually won an Olympic medal).  Infamy is still “famy,” so to speak.  Quick, when is Tara Lipinski’s birthday?  Sara Hughes?  Yeah, I don’t know either, and those two were Olympic gold medalists! But today is Tonya Harding’s 43rd birthday.  The never-time Olympic medalist is all over the celebrity birthday lists.  I love it.

So, in tribute to the American trash culture icon, I offer up a pair of other great Tonya Harding moments:



I love America!