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Brainwashed? Well Maybe A Bit

by Tom King

Greg Jennings is at it again. The former Packer is criticizing his old team saying that as a member of the Packers he was "brainwashed" during his 7 years with the team. He said that the Packers are conditioned to think that other teams in the NFC North are "tiers below" and that everything in Green Bay "is the best, the best, the best,  the best." He also said that you don't open your eyes about what other teams have to offer until you join one of those teams. Jennings is currently with the Minnesota Vikings.

First of all...Jennings needs to shut up. I'm sure his team mates love that fact that one of the arch-rivals will have even more incentive to shut down the guy who is supposed to make the Vikings better this year. Second he's not totally wrong...at least when it comes to the Packer fan base. Packer fans...like Red Sox fans...and Steeler fans...and Cardinal fans(the baseball variety)...and Duke fans...and Yankee fans...are a bit brainwashed when it comes to their teams and how the athletes that wear those uniforms should behave. 

Many Packer fans believe that if a player becomes a Packer...has success...is cheered by the Lambeau faithful...he should want to remain a Packer forever. They cannot understand how a player could think about playing anywhere else. They forget (or ignore) that the NFL is a merciless business and teams (Packers included) view players as commodities. In exchange for what most fans agree is outrageous amounts of money...these players sacrifrice their health and can be thrown away as soon as they become unproductive.

Greg Jennings...as well as many Packers before him outraged fans of the Green & Gold by taking the filthy lucre of another team...even when the Packers decided that Jennings no longer fit into their plans. It almost seems as if some fans think that former Packers should retire rather than tarnish their Packer legacy by suiting up for someone else...and if you want to call that kind of thinking "brainwashing"...you wouldnt be too far off the mark.