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Yes in Jello but no on the mat....?

by Jason Miller

The next season of TUF(The Ultimate Fighter) is being taped right now.  Maybe as you are reading this.  It will be on the Fox Sports new channel, Fox Sports 1.  Why would you care...well this season there will be men and women in the house fighting for a UFC contract.  The coaches who lead these men and women to the contract are, well here in lies the rub.  They are two women UFC fighters, Ronda Rousey and  Miesha Tate and some are not okay with this.  They are not okay with it because they are women first of all.  The question I guess is, should women being fighting in the UFC to begin with?  I don't know, should they?  Should anyone tell anyone how they can make a paycheck?  I mean if you are qualified to fight, build planes, build homes, teach, take care of the sick, then just go on with your bad self.  If you are not qualified, then NO.  These women are not only qualified to fight in the UFC but there is talk that some of the women would beat some of the men in the UFC.  So then what's the problem with the show, well...they are putting (x) amount of men and women together in a house for 6 weeks or so...seriously and you don't think there is going to be hormones running like crazy rabbits up in there with lots of Jello, okay I threw the Jello in there?  But here's the catch...if they have sex with one another they get kicked out and you don't get a chance at the six figure contract with the UFC.    

So after getting through this, my two questions of should women fight and should men and women live in a house that long together, are answered by this simple statement...lets just wait and see what happens.