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Red Sox title means GREAT interviews in downtown Boston with drunk Red Sox Fans!

by Jon Henseler

Honest to God this might be my favorite 44 seconds in internet history. It has it all. Red Sox fans who have been alive for all of 25 years acting like they're a long suffering fan base even though they've seen 3 World Series championships, and 8 major titles overall, since 2000. You've got said fans telling a reporter that they weren't around the last time they clinched at home in 1918. You've got a horrified TV reporter who is supposed to get 'reaction' from the streets of Boston while trying to keep his job and his station's FCC license. And finally you've got maybe my favorite quote of all time; 'I've been alive since....probably 1988...' I mean I have HAMMERED the replay button on that last 15 seconds. Anytime anybody asks for my date of birth again is getting a 'probably about 1984.' You can't script it and that's what makes it perfect. Just man with a live mic in a sea of drunks. I.E. Internet Magic.

PS: Maybe it's because I've never seen a Brewer championship or that the Brewers aren't a franchise that goes back to a time period where someone could own someone else (ballpark time perioding there), but I just didn't quite get the whole 'we haven't clinched at home since 1918!' Ummmmm you've won two titles in the last nine years? So what you couldn't go out and get plowed because you clinched in St. Louis and Colorado?

Double PS: I want to live in a world where Big Papi is carrying around this supersized champagne bottle all over Boston until next week. How can you not love that guy. If you don't like Papi you don't like America.