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Flynn It to Win It Back in Green Bay!

by Jon Henseler

I want to live in a world where this is what happened yesterday at 1265 Lombardi Ave. Matt Flynn just coming into a QB meeting like nothing ever happened. In fact I even tried to figure out a way to photo-shop Flynn's face on George's and Mike McCarthy's onto the boss for this video but my IT department (buddy who worked at Best Buy from 2002-'04) didn't think it was possible and my video editing skills are about as current as Intellivision so there we are. Just pretend it's that way. Like how I pretend I'm a 'journalist' only with less sobbing. 

Anyhow I think this was about the only move the Packers could make. At the very least Flynn knows most of our playbook so if Tolzien goes down he's not a complete unknown. And for Flynn you know this was the last stop before Tebow-ville. Like the Packer were the ONLY place he was going to go after the Raiders and Bills disposed of him. I mean really think about that; the Buffalo Bills, the BILLS, looked at Flynn and said 'Pass.' Not a good look. So it probably works out best for everyone. 

PS: Now do we need to sign Skler White to make sure Flynn has breakfast every morning? #vaguebreakingbadreferences.

Double PS: Every time I hear 'they had him in for a workout' I expect it to look like Dolph Lundgren in Rocky VI aka The Greatest Movie Ever Made.