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Cameraman at Bulls/Pacers Preseason Game With a MASSIVE Case of Dead Leg

by Jon Henseler

Hysterical. I mean we've all been down this road before but this poor bloke did it in an arena with a thousand cameras. Easily the highlight of the night from the NBA preseason slate of games. Guy's just trying to get stock footage of 5th string NBA-ers that literally nobody cares about and his leg is in stage 5 REM sleep. Classic.

Actually this looks a lot like me after a trip to the can these days. Smart phones have made a lot of things easier to digest. If you're dragged on a shopping trip with your girlfriend you can sit in that chair outside of the dressing room watching games on your phone. If you see someone coming toward you that you don't want to talk to you can act like you're trying to figure out why your phone won't send a text message. And if you're about to drop off the kids you can hit up Facebook, watch some videos on Youtube, and play some Candy Blitz*. But therein lies the problem. Sometimes I get so sucked into the app maze that by the time I snap out of it and try to stand up I look like the guy in this video. Like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. On the next episode of 'Problems From the 1st World': The filter on my Keurig won't work so I had to use tap water for my coffee. 

*If you're still playing Candy Crush and not Candy Blitz you're outside of your mind. It's like Candy Crush but with an added element of trying to knock out a certain number of sequences in addition to getting 3 stars. It's chess instead of checkers. Plus Candy Crush is so May 2013. Get with the times.

PS: How's everyone doing after all the Bucks Preseason game #1 parties last night? Everyone gonna make it through the day? Nobody eating any chocolate squirrels?