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The Real Russia :: What's it Like at the Games? I Really Should Have Read That Russian Guidebook

by Mary Kay Wright

I REALLY Should Have Read that Russian Guidebook…

In this picture I’m standing in front of the “Lobnoye Mesto”.  This stone circle is to the left of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square.  When we first saw it we wondered what it was.  After walking around it we finally came to the conclusion that it must be a wishing well!

So here I am, the American tourist up on the platform with my fingers crossed for luck, tossing a coin into it and making a wish for our adoption to go well.  I’m so glad that there weren’t any Russians around to see me because they would have laughed at what an idiot I am!  After coming home I finally read the Frommer’s guide I had purchased and here is what the Lobnoye Mesto really is…

“The Place of Skulls” – a platform where in the 1500’s Ivan the Terrible would address the people.  Throughout history it was used by the Tsars to proclaim royal decrees!  One rumor is that it was even used for executions – thankfully that is not true.  

So I hope Sochi guests brought Russian guidebooks (they really are helpful) and that unlike me they actually are reading them!