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Plus sized mistakes

by Nikki Montgomery

By Michael Oh (originally posted to Flickr as Plus Size Models) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons 

If you are a plus sized woman you may often complain about shopping, but keeping these tips in mind you may find it enjoyable. 

Don't ever think that just because you're plus sized you can't be beautiful and sexy. You just need to learn how to dress your body so you can be more confident because that's really what makes a woman sexy isn't it?

Many plus sized women are guilty of fashion mistakes because they're trying to hide their bodies instead of working with them. So here are some tips to help you avoid these fashion mistakes.

  1. Keep the muffin tops in the bakery. Avoid tops that fit too close to your body that they show off that muffin top. Another tip for avoiding the muffin top is to buy jeans with a higher waist and wear a body shaping garment under your clothes to smooth out any bumps. 
  2. Baggy jeans are for teenage boys. Your jeans should not fit tight but should fit close to your body. If you are a woman who is apple shaped don't be afraid to wear leggings or skinny jeans. If you don't have super skinny legs, your jeans should be straight or tapered do not wear boyfriend cut or anything with flare.
  3. Shapeless tops are for girls who have no shape. Most women can't get away with shapeless shirts and look good doing it. Plus sized women especially need to create a shape that is flattering and a great way to do that is by wearing shirts that create the appearance of a waist. Look for tops that cut in at your smallest point and flare out away from your body at the bottom. For some women that smallest point will be right under their breasts and for others it will be at their natural waist. Either way keep an eye out for tops that flatter. If you have a hard time finding tops like this you can add a blazer that can create that shape for you or add a belt.
  4. Do not obsess about size. Different brands fit differently so don't worry about size. Just because a 16 fits you in one store doesn't mean that it will at this store so keep your options open and try on sizes above and below the size you would normally wear and compare fit. The proper fit will make you look slimmer. No one will see the tag but you.
  5. Your size 6 friend really rocks those short shorts and tube top. That doesn't mean you can. Dress for your size and you will always look good. 
  6. Use color to your advantage. Highlight your best features with color and patterns. If you have really nice legs, but you're self conscious about your bust draw the attention to your legs with a pattered skirt. You can also draw attention to other parts of your body using accessories and makeup.