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Need good photos of food?

by Dave Kallaway

Ever find yourself making a great meal in the kitchen and it LOOKS SO COOL..that you have to take a picture of it? If so..here's a few tips. These might come in handy if you're doing something as simple as posting to Facebook or Twitter..or something a little more advanced like taking a picture of a dish that you made so you'll know what it's supposed to look like when you do it right! Some foodies I know print out small pictures of their favorite dishes to make..then they paste them into their personal recipe books. So here's the tips...make sure you have the food in a well lit room. If the food is in your kitchen..just make sure you have all the lights on. Bright light equals bright colored tasty looking food. If you don't have enough light..your dish could look bland and not very tasty. A great trick I've learned over the years is when you go on vacation and you're eating and great restaurants is to get a window seat. Gettting good light in the window on your meal is a prime location for taking pictures that you save for your "vacation scrapbook." 2 more tips. Try and shoot the picture of the food up close and from a plate level angle. A lot of times you can get a picture then of the food in focus and the background kind of blurred a bit..so the food actually pops and looks delish! Also..when you're in famous restaurants..try to get the restaurant's logo from a napkin, or sign, or something in the pic with the meal so the viewer knows where you had the meal. Have fun!