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Sick doggy

by Nikki Montgomery

Kolby is the first dog my husband and I got together. I had wanted a dog for quite some time, but he kept putting it off because he wanted to own a house first and then he wanted to get married first. Not quite a year after we got married I met Kolby. The Marathon County Humane Society used to do a morning show segment with us on Wednesdays and brought Kolby in as an available pet. He was such a good dog. He just sat by the door and every once in a while when we were all talking he would talk too...not bark. I fell in love with him right then and there. That day my husband came home sick from work and I made him go to the Humane Society to meet Kolby. We took him home a week later. 

It is common for Boston Terriers to have eye problems because they're so buggy, but we didn't realize at the time just how often we would have him to the vet for these problems. Once we got the eye issues under control then he started getting sick. He has seen 4 different Veterinarians and none of them really know what's going on. He'll be sick and then get better for a while then get sick again. He's sick right now and this vet thinks he may have an idea of what's wrong, but we're going to have to wait and see. It's so frustrating.