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Positive Pregnancy Test for Sale

by Nikki Montgomery

Get this, you can sell or buy positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist! If you want to trick your boyfriend into marrying you or trick your husband into staying with you buy positive pregnancy tests for $20-$25. 

I can pump out a lot of positive pregnancy tests in a day. I could make enough money to cover daycare costs for all three kids, but would people really buy them?

Not exactly a healthy relationship if you're willing to fake a pregnancy to keep your man. Maybe you buy one just to play a prank on someone. That's a nicer thought. 

Women are also selling frozen breast milk and fertility drugs on Craigslist. Would you really buy either of these things on Craigslist? Unlike getting breast milk from a bank you don't know if it's clean if you buy it from some stranger on the internet.