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Is your child gifted?

by Nikki Montgomery

At every appointment my pediatrician gives me a checklist of stuff our kids should do by their next appointment to make sure they're developmentally on schedule. If they're not doing everything on the checklist it doesn't mean your child is "slow" it just means that they're taking a little extra time to develop that skill. If they're behind in a lot of areas then there might be some cause for concern, but only your doctor can tell you that. If your child whizzes through the checklist months early then you may have a gifted one on your hands. Keep in mind though that all kids develop at different paces.

Whether your child is gifted or not won't make itself apparent until elementary school years. In preschool you may find some differences between your child and others the same age. 

Any child needs to be challenged, a child ahead of their peers in certain areas need to be challenged more in those areas. Sometimes it's hard for preschool and elementary school teachers to do this when they have busy classrooms so it's important for parents to identify that their child needs more challenges and take it on at home. 

Talk to your doctor if you think your child might be "gifted". Don't get too disappointed if your 2 year old isn't the next super genius.

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