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Two For One

by David Kuharski

In my ongoing tale of our day out with G-G Bill, Julie the kids, G-G Bill and I went down to Canal Park in Duluth.  In a situation reminiscent of Thanksgiving, when the adults have their table--and the kids are relegated to their smaller table--I found myself at the kiddos table for this stop.  See, for all the years I've lived in Duluth, I've never seen Great Lakes freighters come in to port under the lift bridge.  Not only did we see one 700+ footer come thru--we saw 2 back-to-back!  The 730 foot American Mariner was first--followed by the 770-foot St. Clair.  

Here's my tidbit of advice.  See, we had to wait maybe 25 to 30 minutes for the ships to arrive.  For adults, that's no problem.  For kids--that could be an eternity! Especially when they're waiting for lunch!  The crisis cropped up when our smallest kids, Adam and Joe, decided that they had had enough of the stroller.  But, with more and more people pouring into the area of the high bridge, there was no-way Julie and I were going to let them out.  Enter the long walk!  Yes--they were sick of the stroller--the standing still stroller--but a walk down the pier with big sissies and brothers in tow put the crying and fussing to an end.  So, next time you're in a holding pattern for an event to happen and your kids decide that they're done--try this... it may work, or then again...it may not-- but like all good parents you'll roll with the punches and live to experience a 2-for-1 another time.  

BTW, word to the wise-- when ships arrive, they sound their horn.  No biggie for adults who've worn out their hearing from arena rock blaring in their minivans... but it gave my kids a bit of a scare