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Something About You That Goes A Long Way

by Mark Evans

We've all been there.  It's late, you're tired and there's a huge project at work that HAS to be done by tomorrow....and your kid is acting like a little snot.  OK, Super Snot!!  King Snot!!

You're ready to come 100% unglued and just GO OFF and yell at this child to get their act together - or worse - you're about ready to do something you'll really regret.  (Now, I believe that there are times for a spanking as long as it's one time - and only enough to get their attention, not injure them.  That being said, it should still be a last resort.)

Take the wisdom of my experiences with a now 18 year old daughter and a 15 year old son, along with a soon to be 4 year old stepson.  Losing your cool only makes the situation worse because now everyone is thinking with their emotions rather than with their brains.

You're mad....frustrated....and ready to just snap?  The remedy is simple.  Join in the "bad behavior" that the child is taking part in.  If they're pestering you to play a game....take 10 minutes and play a game.  If they won't go to bed, go lie down for 15 minutes with them. 

It's called the "Fight Fire With Fire" approach - and it works.  It also shows the child that getting anger isn't the solution.  More often than not, a child who is demanding your attention is doing so because of the lack of attention they have received from you.  It's a quick fix, gets them back on track and get you closer to the end of your day!