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Christmas Present Dilemma For My 4-Year-Old

by Corey Carter

Our daughter will be 4 in December and like most 3-4 year-old's she is quite apt at the "touch-screen technology."  Her Aunt got her a Kindle Fire which we let her play educational games on and watch Netflix for Kids.  However, their are limited educational apps for this so we would like to get her something better for Christmas:

-The Leap Pad Ultra;  this has wi-fi (which we have in our house) and a larger screen...it's also about $50 more

-The Leap Pad 2 Power.  No wi-fi, smaller screen but less expensive. 

Leap-pads are built for kids and learning, so we realize that either will be better than the Kindle for her.   Our question is will the extra $50 be worth it?

Who can help?  I'd love to hear your feedback!

(Here is one 4-year old's review of the Leap Pad Ultra)