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1st Solids

by Katie Schurk

                                           I am so ready for this mom!

As a new parent I was always determined to hold my child off from solids until 6 months.  Some doctors claim this reduces the chance of food allergy, and since I have severe food allergies myself, I thought this would be the best choice for Brody.

Fast forward to 20 weeks later.  When my daycare called and said we need to up Brody to 6 oz, I pretty much threw in the towel.  My kid is hungry and since he is breastfed, I was already having trouble keeping up pumping 5 oz for the feedings he was having at daycare.  After doing my research (seriously, the internet is a new parents best friend and worst enemy) I decided to do oatmeal.  I learned that rice has no nutritional value whatsoever, and since my kid can't make decisions about food just yet, I might as well try to get him on the right path.

For the first week, he is doing ok.  He was definitely ready, but I would say we are lucky if an entire spoonful made it into his mouth.  But hey, like they say...baby steps!

                                                       OH yeah, give it to me!