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Proud of 'em all!

by Jim McKinney

I have been accused of blasphemy after explaining that I root for both Michigan State and Michigan (unless they play each other...then it's "Go Spartans!"). Friends and family have told me that I cannot legally cheer for both schools...apparently there is some sort of law against it...be that as it may...I did root for both squads in the NCAA tournament...and was sad to see them bow out before the Final Four...both schools did the state of Michigan proud...and it was a great run for the Spartans, Wolverines...and Broncos too! Two really cool things about this version of the Dance...one, that Ohio State got bounced in the 1st round...and two, I have a team to hate in the Final Four - Kentucky...John Calipari is a tool...and I hope his team gets thumped at the hands of the only Big Ten team still standing...Wisconsin...so it's Go Badgers now...and thanks again to Tom Izzo, John Beilein, and Steve Hawkins...you made us proud!