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Ding Dong- it's not man's best friend, it's.....

by Laura Bradshaw

Well- that'll learn ya!!  A town is banding together to crack down on pet owners who don't pick up after their pooch.  A bunch of volunteers are walking around town parks, sidewalks, any public area, and approaching pet owners who don't pick up after their pets.  They unassumingly walk up, strike up a conversation, find out the name of the "cute little dog" and move on.  The name and breed goes into a data base- and because of the licensing of the pet, they find out the owners name and address.  

Someone (be glad it isn't you) goes out, collects the "deposit" and mails it back to the owner marked "lost property".  

Apparently there have been more than 70 cases of the "lost property" being sent back to the pet owners.  

My question is this-- do they even realize that it's their beloved pet's "deposit", or do they simply think someone is bringing back the old poop on the doorstep gag?