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Wounded Warrior 5K

by Michael Louden

On Saturday April 12th I participated in the WMU Wounded Warrior 5K. This 5K run supports all of the soldiers who suffer an injury either physically, mentally, or emotionally. This year the Wounded Warrior project for the race raised 25,000 dollars which was more than the combined previous years of this race.

It was a nice sunny and cool morning. Last year it was cold, windy, and snowy. A much different change from last year. Now the race was not timed for official results, but I had still planned to run a tempo pace for the race. However things changed as early in the week I caught the stomach flu and it lasted through Wednesday. I didn't run Thursday or Friday either because I was still getting my strength back. So I planned to do an easy run and run just a little faster as I approached the end of the race.

At the beginning we heard some speeches from some of the WMU ROTC leaders and Vice Mayor David Anderson. We also sung the National Anthem and they then fired off the cannon and we were off.

We headed down Oliver St. which was a long downhill to Stadium Dr. I took this a little faster since I love running downhills at a faster pace. We ran past the Student Rec Center and headed up past the Bernhard Center which was a longer uphill climb. This tired me out a bit since I wasn't fully fit for the run as I stated earlier. I passed a couple of runners who were carrying big Army bags and hats off to them because I know I don't have the strength to do that.

Once we got to the top we headed toward Miller Auditorium and then through the middle of campus before we headed downhill past Waldo Library. At this point I began to pick my pace up as well. We ran past the Rec Center again and back to Oliver St. and since we came down, we must go up. I got up the hill pretty well and then gutted it out toward the end.

Even though the race was not timed I was not going to let the runner in front of me to beat me and sprinted hard toward the finish line. Now since I had not run for the week due to the flu I felt really wobbly and started to wonder am I going to fall flat on my face before I cross the line, but I did not and beat the runner. Now that I am back into the swing of things I look forward to running again and churning out some fast times.