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WMU Turkey Trot 5K

by Michael Louden

Today was the last timed race of the season for me.  It was time for the WMU Turkey Trot 5K and it was a very cold day for a race.  Not to mention it was also windy and a little snow was falling at the start of the race.

The race started to a very dull horn sound and we were off heading up the Bernhard Center hill, about a 1/4 mile climb which was pretty exhausting.  After this we headed down the hill by Sindicuse Health Center and hit a flat stretch of road before we headed up Rankin Rd.  This was a detour because the recent storm we had on Sunday had flooded the inter-mural fields and knocked over some trees as well.  So this was another 1/4 mile climb we had to endure, although with out the detour we would have had to run up a 1/4 hill on Howard St.  

Then we headed toward the Miller Auditorium parking garage and then past the apartments and back to the recreation center.  Because of the detour earlier in the race, we had to add on the lost distance by running around the perimeter of the Kanley Track and then back into the rec center.  

Now I wasn't planning on running very fast today due to the cold weather, but I still wanted to run a steady pace.  My body was not use to the cold weather yet and it was very hard to breathe during the race, plus my nose would not keep running and I had to spit a lot (I know too much detail).  Plus my feet were hurting as I ran, but this was most likely due to the fact I need new running shoes.  

Runners were passing me left and right most of the race and it was a struggle to get to the finish line, but I did it.  Even though it wasn't my best race I am satisfied I finished it and ran the race.  My goal was to beat my best time at this race of 22:09, but I came across in 23:18.  Last year the weather was cold, but sunny and no wind.

No more than 20 minutes after the race, the skies opened and it began to snow very hard and I was glad I finished the race, but others were still on the course finishing.

Now earlier this year I ran the Portage Winterblast 5K and this race took place in five degree weather and I ran a faster time (22:12).  But I was used to running in cold weather from running in it all winter and the course was flat and there was almost no wind that day.

Today the course was hilly, it was windy, and only about 25 degrees at the start and like I stated earlier, my body was not used to the cold weather yet.

The next run for me is just a fun run on Thursday November 4th The Run Through the Lights.