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Scholar Scamper 5K

by Michael Louden

This past weekend I took a short trip down to Western Michigan University to participate in the Scholar Scamper 5K run. The run benefited Lee Honors College. It was a cool morning and the course had a little bit of ice on it, but the runners were able to avoid these areas. Many members of the ROTC and Rangers from WMU were there as well. One girl was also running for a one year old baby with heart issues.

Only a few of us were running for time as the rest of the people I mentioned were just running for fun. The race went off at 10 am and we proceeded with a long downhill from Lee Honors College down to the Student Rec Center. I was looking to stay with the leaders, but about a 1/2 mile into the race I felt completely out of energy, but I think the reason was because I got engaged the day before!

So the rest of the race I just jogged through and got my way to the finish line. We proceeded up to Miller Auditorium and did a hairpin turn around the parking garage then proceeded to the middle of campus. We then went out to Howard Street and used the downhill all the way to the Intramural fields. We ran across a trail and then out to the turn across the Goldworth bridge. Then we had one last hill to climb to get back to where we started and it was the Sindicuse hill which gets steeper as you go up.

I climbed to the finish and came across with a time of 23:57 good for sixth overall and 2nd in my age group.

It was a very tough course, but I would expect nothing less as Western Michigan's campus is hilly in sections.

This week I will be participating in the Wounded Warrior 5K on Western's campus. This race I am just going to run a tempo workout as this race is not timed.