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Running during the winter

by Michael Louden

Running during the winter in Michigan is not easy by any means.  It takes some motivation to get out the door and go for a run especially when you look out the window and see it snowing and how windy it is outside.  I say to myself that it is easier to stay inside where it is warm and cozy than to go out and run where it is bitter and cold.

However I love running and my passion for running outweighs the winter weather so I get out and run even during the cold days, snowy days, windy days, and a combination of them all.  I hate running on a treadmill or on a small indoor track so that is another reason I go and run outside during the winter.

I bundle up by putting on a under armour with a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt.  Gloves and a hat are also worn by me and I have ice tracks to put on the bottom of my shoes to help me keep my footing on the snow and ice.  

 I can get a leg up on the competition if I continue to run in the winter.  While others may take the winter off, if I continue to run I can stay in shape and when the spring comes around I can easily get back into a faster pace and will be ready to record fast race times.

It does take sometime to get acclimated with the cold air.  It can be hard on my lungs at first and I need to adjust my pace accordingly.  Now though because I have been breathing cold air for awhile I am used to it and the cold air does not hurt my lungs now.

Today when I went for a run it was snowing with a little wind and the roads and sidewalks I was running on were not in great shape.  They were very slippery even with the ice tracks on my shoes.  I had to pick up my knees to help get me through the couple of inches of snow that were on the sidewalks.  Once I hit the roads, they were very slick and it was hard to move back and forth and I couldn't make any cuts if I needed too.  At one point I lost my footing and almost fell on my face, but I caught myself with my hands and got up and kept going.  Now I know what the Detroit Lions felt like against the Philadelphia Eagles.

It may be difficult to run in the winter, but I just got to remember it will pay off in the spring and summer time during my races and plus I LOVE RUNNING!