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Run to Climax 7K

by Michael Louden

It was a quick turnaround running another race on Monday, two days after I ran the Kalamazoo K5K. This time My fiance Kathleen and I ventured to Climax to run in the 21st annual Run to Climax. This is a 7K race, a little different, but well worth it. The race has a small town feel and well over 200 athletes came to participate in this event.

Last year when I ran this race I had a very sore rib due to a freak injury and I gutted out a time off 29:45 and still managed to take first in my age group. This year my goal was to run the race in under 29 minutes.

Once again we started with a real bang as the starter used a shotgun to send us off. We headed down the country roads and wanted to make sure I paced myself well. I passed a few runners along the way and worked my way near the top 10. The leaders were well in front all ready. This race actually has 1/2 mile markers so I looked my time and was at 3:10, I thought good I am pacing myself well. Then at the mile mark they called out 6:04 and thought 'oh no here I go again going out to fast. Then I thought I actually paced myself well for the first mile this time though and wasn't too fast the first half mile, so I should be OK.

The rest of the first mile I was running directly into the sun and had the one hill to manage on the course. At the end of the road I hit the two mile mark and grabbed some water and threw it on my face to cool down. I then turned heading back into town and the sun was no longer an issue. There was one runner in front of me I managed to pass before the third mile mark and we battled back and forth for a while as he did not want to let me get the edge, but after a while he had fallen back a little. I was at 19:41 at the three mile mark.

I still had 1.3 miles to go and now was heading back into town and could see it off in the distance. I passed some of the walkers along the way and slowly, but surely was getting closer to the finish. Now when I got back to town I don't know why I thought I had a long way to go still because the guy with megaphone said 'Your almost done, turn right' and of course right there was the finish line and I kicked it into high gear. I crossed the line with a time of 28:33 and took 11th overall and first in my age group.

After the race everyone was invited to stay for the parade. Iunfortunately had to leave and couldn't stick around, but hopefully next year I can. The next race on mydocket is the Cowboy Trail run at the Cheff CenterJune 1st.