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Pace for Poverty 5K/10K

by Michael Louden

Every 4th of July I start it off with a 5K race and that has been the tradition for the past five years as I have run the Pace for Poverty 5K race. This race is in my hometown of Richland so the streets are familiar to me and I see a lot of faces I don't see as much as I used to like old friends from high school and other runners I only see once a year.

The race starts bright and early at 7:30 am and it has such an early start compared to the other 5K races I run throughout the year because of the heat one year was so overwhelming and so they pushed the start date back because of this issue. This year however it was very cool and it felt like it would be a great day to run.

However for me I could tell right away this run might be troublesome for me because during my warm-up run I could feel that my stomach was heavy like it had a couple of bricks in it. I shook it off and hoped it would go away by the start of the race.

Once I stretched out and talked to a few people we were all ready for the start of the race. They set off the horn and I started out at the pace I wanted to and we headed down M-89 toward the center of Richland. When I reached the downtown, which was a 1/2 mile into the race, the heavy feeling returned and the whole race changed for me at that moment.

We headed down D ave and ran past my house, but my pace was slowing and I could not pick it up and I was just trying to tough it out for the remainder of the race. We turned down Foxwood and headed toward DE ave, where the 10K and 5K runners would split off and wouldn't you know it all of the runners that were near me were running the 10K and I had no other runners close to me.

I headed down DE ave and runners continued to pass me. I would usually try to stay with some of the runners, but that day I had no fight in me because of the way I was feeling. After we got to 32nd St. we headed back toward the center of town and then back down M-89 heading toward the Middle School. I did have a little kick at the end and ended up running a time of 20:43 and took 20th overall and first in my age group.

So even though I did not feel well most of the race I still ran decently and beat everyone in my age group. My next race will be the Kindleberger 5K this weekend and here's to hoping I feel well while running.