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2014 Running Predictions

by Michael Louden

Now that the 2014 running season is underway I would like to make a few predictions for myself this year.

1.)  I am going to run 1000 miles this year.  If I can run six days a week and can average about 3.2 miles a day I can do this.  This is a very attainable goal for me to hit.  I just have to get my butt outside on days when the weather may be unpleasant, but once I get going the weather doesn't usually bother me.

2.) It may take the entire season, but I am going to break my 19:08 PR I set last year.  After I broke the 20 minute barrier last season I didn't set any other goals for myself that season (besides running a 10K) which I regret.  So I am going to slowly chip away and set goals at 15 second increments to help myself get down below 19:08.  The first time goal I have for the new year is get back below 20 minutes.  I predict it won't take me too long to beat this goal.

3.)  This may be a bold goal, but I would like to claim the overall title for the Kalamazoo Area Runners Championship Series.  To achieve this goal I am going to need to run some fast times and rack up a lot of points to achieve this feat.  This isn't a far-fetched goal since I did finish within 25 points of first place this past season.

4.)  I would also like to keep running some longer distances races beyond the 5K races I normally run.  The half-marathon and marathon distance is farther down the road for me and I already know when I would like to run those races and it isn't this year.  I am going to participate in the ECO Trail run 4K and 8K races, the Run to Climax 7K and then run at least three 10K's; The Borgess Run for the Health of It, The Kalamazoo Klassic, and The Peacock Strut.  The last two will also include me running in the 5K's those days as well.

5.)  The last goal of mine is to break 6:00 in the mile at the Meijer State Games of Michigan.  Last year I came across the line in 6:04 so I know I can do it because I was that close and with my hard training program I can do it and then I also would like to break my 800m PR of 2:35 as well because last year I had 2:36.  This isn't my strongest race, but this is also doable.

Well tomorrow I start out the year right by running in the One One run.  Good luck to everyone in 2014 with their running and meeting your goals.