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Too HOT to handle?? Try these tips to stay cool!

by Christy Taylor

It’s always miserable when we hit 90+ degrees and have ridiculous amounts of humidity, but to have an entire week of heat can become more than unpleasant, it can get dangerous.

So here are some creative way stay cool and hydrated as we head into a steamy hot holiday weekend.

  • If you feel over heated, run cold water over your wrists for a few seconds to bring down your body temperature. Keep a wet washcloth in the freezer and use it on your neck, knees and feet.
  • It sounds crazy, but digging into a spicy dish actually cools your body down by encouraging perspiration. Just don’t OVER eat, that would be counterproductive and make you feel warmer. For dessert, swap ice cream for yogurt (which has a high water content) or fruit
  • Store your body and face lotions in the fridge for an invigorating post shower experience!
  • To get a better night’s sleep, breathable silk sheets are the way to go—or sprinkle some baby powder on your cotton sheets to absorb dampness.
  • Remember, heat rises—so the coolest air is closest to the ground. With that in mind, put your electric fan on the floor and aim it upwards!!
  • And, of course, drink plenty of water!